Isabela cigar, as the name connotes, comes from a first-class province considered among the richest and most progressive ones in the Philippines.

Strategically located at the center of Cagayan Valley region, Isabela has demonstrated strengths in business and industry. Thus, it has come to be known as the “Regional Trade and Industrial Center” of northeastern Luzon and the Philippines’ agricultural backbone. Tobacco and coffee are two of the high-value agricultural crops grown in the fertile region. Isabela, Cagayan, La Union

The creation of a premium cigar is considered a fine art. From the tobacco plantations, the leaves are fermented and aged for a couple of years. After going through quality control procedures, they are placed into varying classifications of wrapper, binder and filler. The classifications determine which blend would most suit the leaf. 

Hula Girl carries Isabela cigars in classic and flavored variants (infused with rich flavors such as chocolate, honey macadamia nut, cherry macadamia nut, mango or coconut macadamia nut, vanilla rum, and Kona coffee, among others). Our cigars have wrapper leaf sourced from Java, Indonesia. Indonesia has gained an excellent reputation for wrapper tobacco. The wrapper’s flavor is carefully cultivated and protected by cigar growers in order to provide the optimal taste and experience.

Tobaccos from the Philippines can stand on their own and are enjoyed by cigar aficionados all over the world. In addition to the pleasing bouquet or aroma, Philippine cigars to savor are usually quite and have earned growing recognition in international markets.

With a choice of 7 flavors, 9 sizes and 12 different packaging concepts, Hula Girl and Volcano cigars are a must-try. Chances are, you will never need to shop anywhere else. All our cigars are made with a Premium Tobacco Blend, consisting primarily of premium tobacco from our farm in Maui and superior quality Isabela tobacco with Java wrapper.








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