Beautiful hand cut elegant Lead Crystal Cigar ashtrays for your cigar smoking enjoyment. The Hula Girl logo deep etched into the underside of the crystal cigar ashtray or screen printed in the inside. The printed logo cannot be scratched and will not fade with age. The grooves are wide enough to hold the largest cigar ring size. Comes with its own presentation box. The perfect gift for the office or home or the cigar aficionado. We have a variety of crystal cigar ashtrays and are adding new designs all the time.
What makes a good ashtray for cigars?
Ashtrays are more important than you think, and there are three features to look for:
  1. The ash container must be large or deep enough to hold all the ash-drops that a cigar creates
  2.  It should be sturdy enough to absorb an incidental shock without getting tipped over.
  3.  It should have a groove wide enough to support a cigar on a horizontal level.
The cigar should not be tilting down with the coal resting in the base of the tray. This can suffocate the one side that is touching the tray and might cause the cigar to burn unevenly. Remember, if you are taking a puff every minute or so, you should be keeping the cigar safe and sound in a good ashtray the rest of the time. You can not just keep it in your hand the whole time, as you will not be able to juggle the remote control and your single malt. 


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