" Great tasting cigars! "
" Love the flavored mini cigars. My son brought me some back from his visit there. The Honey Nut minis were great. In the package was a flyer with the website with other flavors available for online order. Just received the Coconut Macadamia mini cigars. Also very nice. Perfect for a quick evening smoke. Great job Hula Girl. Packing was superb to protect these little gems. Arrived fresh and flavorful. Much appreciated !! "
" The service far surpasses any other. "
" We enjoy the Hula Girl Cigars! Very nice. "
" We enjoy the Hula Girl Cigars! Very nice. "
" Love your vanilla flavoured cigars. The postal service you use to send my cigars to Australia was a horrible experience, held up in Honolulu for weeks? Both deliveries took first one a month and second delivery about 6 weeks!! Still I will order more in the future. "
" Very good! "
" I remember buying tasty flavored Hula Girl coffee by the jar...very reasonably priced, super quality, until COVID arrived. Now, 3 years later, still no reliable sourcing of coffees...and the 'please inform me when back in supply' function has NEVER worked. I broke down and purchased some expensive small packs of flavored coffee, but more than half the sleeves arrived hard as rock candy as if moisture had intruded in the packaging process. Poor coffee...and took many weeks to arrive. Have not bought since. I would like to believe Hula Girl may regain some pride and service quality within this once fine coffee empire, but it seems the sun has set on Hula Girl. Aloha...sad to see you go... "
" I ordered the item in March for my husband birthday in May. The item did not arrive until June so disappointed. Nor were they favorited as before. "
" Great cigars "
" Great cigars "
" What happened to you guys?!!! My family LOVED your 100% Kona freeze dried coffee. I purchased all the sachets I could get my hands on because that's all you sold. Now your website seems to only sell cigars and very large amounts of coffee. I was a loyal customer for many, many years. We miss you so much! "
" One box of cigars were so tight you could not even smoke "
" Love the cigars. "
" i began enjoying these fine products years ago when i lived and worked in the islands after moving back to the mainland i began to crave the them for the excellent quality and memories they carry. however the enjoyment was postponed due to a lack of supply. when the products i wanted became available they were then delayed by poor shipping quality. items being delivered late or being untraceable. although i enjoy the pleasures that can only be found from hulagirl coffees and tobaccos i am hesitant to make further orders because of the poor handling of the shipping methods. "
" Great cigars, customer service for the products I buy is good, but I have applied for a retail account many times and never have heard back. "
" None at this time "
" Tasty little cigars that are more enjoyable than most. "
" I ordered Hula Girl Cigars on May 19th, on June 19th my order showed that it had been shipped. I waited and followed the tracking number but never received my order. The last updated tracking number stated "Delivered in Canada". I live in Canada but they were not delivered to me. I reached out to the Hula Girl Company and was told to follow up with the courier which I did but was told that the shipper would have to look into it. I again contacted Hula Girl and explained what was told to me and the only response I got was that it shows delivered. I never received my cigars and after my last e-mail I never got a response from the company again. I would never order from here again as I am out $180 (Delivery fees and exchange) as I never received my cigars and the company is refusing to respond to my issue. "
" I am a long time customer, and have been more than satisfied with all the products I have received. However, in my last order, I purchased a three pack of torpedoes in a tin. When they arrived, they were very dried out and hard as a rock. I don’t know if anything can be done to rectify this issue, I would love to have the cigars replaced with new ones that are of the same quality that I have come to expect and enjoy. "
Jason Foery
" Went back to Hawaii 5 years ago for a family reunion and tried some of these mini cigars and fell in love with them. They have great flavor and are just big enough to sit back and enjoy one with Taking an hours to smoke as you would with a normal size ciger !! "
" Love love love the mini cigars in the tins. "
" Found these mini flavored cigars at the sugar mill when I visited north shore years ago, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I could order these and get them shipped all the way to NJ. So excited, my wife loves these too! "
" Great Products, Turnaround from ordering to shipping is too long "
" I love that I can get a taste of Hawaii for a reasonable price in a relatively quick timeframe. "
" My family loves your coffee! "
" Love the flavor, I will be ordering more when items become available and more flavors are in stock. Thank you. "
" Very good profound fast delivery. I am a happy customer and will be returning "
" Absolutely love the mango minis cigars and the metal case they come in! I fish creeks and rivers a lot and love have my cigars in my jacket when out on the water. Especially in the tin case! 10/10 would recommend to a friend "
" Great Job "
" Products are always awesome! People love these as gifts. Sometimes products are sold out, which is a bit of a bummer but I definitely understand why. Great stuff and great service. "
" overall good product. "
" They are great but we’re out of the cigars I wanted and had to make second choice "
Pat dicorato
" I have enjoyed the mini cigars for many years. "
" G "
" G "
" I am very disappointed with my experience: 1. I received the wrong items. It clearly says on my receipt what I ordered and yet I still received the wrong product. I ordered 2 bags of the Macadamia Nut Vanilla coffee grounds and I received 2 bags of the regular Kona coffee. When I order something, I expect that I get that item. 2. I sent an email notifying the team of the error, and received no response. I don't know if I want to order from this website again. I may order from Amazon in the future, because at least there I will get what I order. I normally try to order directly from companies so that they are supported. I hope I can be compensated in some way. I kept the kona coffee this time. "
" Love your coffee and candy. I really like being able to get it when I am not on island. "
" All good "
" Love your stuff and was so surprised to see I could get it online. "
" I have been buying your 100% Kona Freeze Dried Coffee for 14 years. I have inquired several times regarding when this item will be back in stock but have received no answer. Are you going out of business? So sad. "
" Excellent product and service. Highly recommend! "
" Out of many items but liked what I did purchase "
" This was horrible. Obviously contaminated with coconut and other contaminants. Smelled and tasted terrible, sickening. Stunk up our cabinet and we had to throw it out. $170 in the garbage. Will NEVER order again!! "
" Great taste, very fresh! "
" Very good experience "
" Products - I come to you for flavored cigars (vanilla macnut) Site - is OK, but ecommerce ordering leaves a lot to be desired "
Mark Morris
" Products - I come to you for flavored cigars (vanilla macnut) Site - is OK, but ecommerce ordering leaves a lot to be desired "
Mark Morris
" Good Communication and Coffee. "
" Love the Coffee and Hula Girl cigars! Fell in love while visiting the Islands and am looking forward to purchasing other Hula Girl products in the future. "



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