" Fell in love with your cigars in Hawaii. Nice to have a hula taste in Cali. Thank you for the masks. "
" Greatest coffee candy EVER "
" I love the mini cigars, great selection of flavors! "
" Good flavored cigars. Good coffee. Now start selling tank tops for men! "
" Very impressed with how fast the cigars got to me!! "
" Great Cigars ! "
" N/A "
" It was really easy to get what I needed and I took a look at everything else you have. I bought the Hula Girl Cigar. "
" Nice web site, good products, reasonable prices. "
" Selection was not available for some items, but I understand that Covid has caused disruption in supplies. The order response seemed a bit longer than usual. "
" great product only drawback is the pricy shipping to Canada "
" Very pleased with the Cigars I purchased. I have bought plenty in the past and will continue to purchase more of these tasty delights in the future. "
Eric Urquijo Sr.
" Love the product "
Ryan Nail
" I forgot to buy cigars when I was on the island last month. Love your little cigars when I crave just a taste of tobacco. The free masks included are a nice way to say Thank You. "
" Great quality on all three tins of cigars. "
" My husband and brother in laws loved the macadamia nut cigars! ! "
" I am looking forward to spending time on your website checking out what new items you may have added since my last visit. On my last visit I fell in love with the wooden wrist watches. "
" Excellent products.The largest selection of flavored tiny cigars.Will differently be ordering again and will even be trying some of your other products. "
" I buy the cigars for my husband which he loves. "
" I have so far really enjoyed the mango cigars and I love the shot glass I bought. "
" My grandfather used to smoke these cigars and I have loved this brand since childhood. Thank you so much for staying in business. We love your products! "
" I liked the product but had to buy different from what I wanted because you were out of a lot of things "
" Love the Kona coffee flavored cigars. "
" I have been very happy with your overall service, and the products. Regretably, I have recently experienced some issues (Taxes/Delays) with our Customs Office/Department. Many thanks for your great support, and looking forward to your $10 credit that I will be using for my next order !!!! Mario. "
" Bought the instant Kona coffee for my grandmother, who switched to instant coffee so she doesn’t have to have a coffee pot. She did miss better tasting coffee, but liked the ease of instant. I decided to see if instant Kona coffee existed and I found this site. I bought a few products for her to try and she loves it! She said she still has to finish a lot of her regular instant coffee so she’s not going to drink much of this. A month later and she drank it all and wants more even though she has 2 jars of a national brand in her freezer placing another order for her! "
" Best coffee candy ever! The ginger is awesome too. "
" I really like the Vanilla Macadamia Nut Cigars but they appear to be unavailable and on backorder. I also like the pancake mix. "
" Little disappointment in Cigars cause I could not taste the flavors in either the Coconut or Mango. Thought it was little expensive to pay almost $10 for shipping. "
" Loved the watch. I bought it as a Christmas present, and it replaced a watch that broke which we bought when we were in Hawaii in 2017. I was very happy that you still had the same model, as it was my husband's favorite. I was concerned at first because it was out of stock, but you came through and I got it in time for Christmas. Thank you. "
" Best coffee ever! "
Michelle Regalado
" Was very impressed with how fast the cigars got here. "
" I absolutely love your Mac Vanilla Cigars. I lived on Oahu for 4 years. While I was there I found the cigars. I left the island and came back to Missouri. I told everyone about the cigars. I searched for them online and found The Hula Girl Store. I was glad to find them but wanted them in the box. Instead I got the 24 count plastic container instead. But I’d like to have the box for a collection piece. I just recently got the mini cigars and I’m currently waiting on them. I love your product so much. I’ll never find a cigar that I love or prefer more than yours. Thankyou so much. "
" I've been a loyal customer of Hula Girl since trying their products on Maui in 2011. "
" I asked about a t-shirt I could find on website and was told I could have it added to my order no problems "
" Overall I was very pleased with the product! I’ll be placing another order very soon. "
" I was happy to find this store online because it allows me to purchase many of my favorite treats from the islands and reminds me of my time spent on Oahu. "
" I discovered Hula Girl tobacco products while vacationing in Maui several years ago and have been ordering them online ever since. The flavored cigars are better than any other option. "
" Cigars were fresh and a pleasure to smoke. "
" The products I ordered arrived extremely fast and were packed well. I am so glad I found this website as now this is my one stop shop for coffee and cigars. "
" The products I ordered were great. I have been looking for these cigars and coffee for a while and now I found them. Will be definitely ordering from here again. "
" I am very pleased with the cigars and my husband loves them. I cannot wait to try more products. "
" Decided on these for last minute Christmas gifts for the cigar smokers in the family. Bought them in Hawaii a few years ago and thought they would be great gifts. Was worried that it was to late to order. But i received what I ordered and with plenty of time before Christmas. Thank you "
" We love your Kona Chocolate Chip pancakes!!!! "
" Wonderful cigars and pancake mix! "
" i am happy with the product "
" This freeze dried, 100% Kona coffee is all mine! I drink it all day, every day - no acid kick back. I've been purchasing direct since moving back to mainland, 10# if I can get the monies together. Yes I have purchased your coffee thru Amazon at a lower price than your website, but I will always check you first. Thank you for allowing me to shop with you. "
" The cigars I bought were not as good as the ones I got in the past. The packaging was bad and the cigars themselves will not stay lit or burn consistently. The flavor is good though. "
" Excellent cigars. "
" Love your products, stock inventory on cigars very low at this time. "
" The product arrived good and on time "



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