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Making a Good Cigar

Making a good cigar is a time-honored tradition in certain countries.  Painstaking efforts and resources are usually expended in making cigars. A good cigar entails hand craftsmanship.  Cigar aficionados can appreciate the long, meticulous process and fine hand work that go into making one.

A cigar is made of three layers of tobacco. They may originate from different growing regions. A cigar may include a blend of several tobaccos in the center, another type of tobacco used as a surrounding binder, and still another to sheath the outer layer of the cigar. 

  • The filler.  Once the blend is ready, it is formed into a rough cylinder of tobacco called a bunch. The filler or bunch is a layer of individual tobacco leaves. It is the inner portion of the cigar, the tobacco that provides most of the taste.  Great care is taken to ensure that the leaves are laid in the bunch in a uniform and straight manner. 
  • The binder.  Around the bunch filler, the binder is a coarse layer of tobacco that gives the cigar its structure, shape, and ability to maintain its moisture content. The bound bunch is then placed into a hardwood mold where it gets its particular shape and is open at each end of the cigar.
  • The wrapper.  After a cigar has been pressed and turned, it is ready for the skilled hands of the rollers.  The craftsmen handle the stretching and smoothing process that gives cigars their appealing looks. They take the fine, silky, elastic wrapper and stretch it around the molded cigar body. For true enthusiasts, the look and feel of a cigar are nearly as important as its taste. Cigar making is a lengthy process,  but a necessary one leading to the production of high-quality products for people of discerning tastes.


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