Maui Cofffee

The discovery of coffee trees dates back to the 8th to 9th century. Ethiopia is believed to be the original home of the coffee (arabica) plant.  There are also accounts that coffee beans were originally exported from Ethiopia to Yemen and that Yemeni traders later brought coffee plants back to their homes and began to cultivate them there. The properties of the coffee beans led to the plant quickly gaining popularity in many other places.

The truly delicious variations of caffeine in a cup come from Maui. Maui has numerous coffee farms. There are large-scale commercial farms and many smaller coffee estates spanning from Kä‘anapali to the slopes of Haleäkala and Hana. Several are producing coffee organically. Maui coffee farmers grow many different varietals in many different micro climates.

Upcountry Maui bustles with brightly-adorned cafés where locals and visitors from different parts of the world sample different kinds of coffee before heading to the beach and other destinations. Local coffee growers steadily shaped the Maui brand and, for many, that meant being small in operations but big in diversity.

All our Maui coffees are medium roasted in Kula and then finely ground creating that perfect cup of Hawaiian coffee.  Superbly rich and robust,  Hula Girl Coffee is a full flavored arabica coffee. Taste and enjoy!




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