Hula Girl Coconut Mac Nut Small Cigar Tin with 8 Mini Cigars


Hula Girl Coconut Mac Nut Small Cigar Tin was created to contain 8 King-Size Miniature Cigars.  

Contains Maui-grown tobacco from our farm in Kula.

  • 8 Hula Girl Coconut Mac Nut Small Cigars
  • Earthy and Rich Flavor, not overbearing
  • With a flavorful infusion of coconut and delicious notes of caramel
  • Two years in the design process, the Hula Girl tin packaging features key graphic features raised at different levels to create stunning cameo effect.
  • Peruse the inside lid and see the intaglio that produces the raised effect on the lid.
  • Created with special blend of superior quality Isabela  and Kula Maui Tobacco
  • Smooth with a little sweetness at the end.
  • The outside dimension of the box is 10 x 12 x 27.5 cm
  • Can fit comfortably in your shirt pocket.
  • Each cigar has the Gold Leaf Hula Girl Cigar Band.
  • The tin has a removable inner part (red plastic) that can be lifted to reveal secret compartment where paper money can be placed.
  • Airtight tin for double freshness.
  • Hole punched in each small cigar for easy draw
  • Collector's graphic on the reverse.
  • Safety sealed with a GENUINE sticker


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Dimensions: length: 83 mm X width: 15 mm X height: 112 mm

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Hula Girl Coconut Mac Nut Small Cigar Tin with 8 Mini Cigars


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